Craziest Things I've Done for Beauty

 Beauty is pain and I have a very high threshold. I've done some really crazy things in the name of Beauty over the years as I'm sure a lot of you have. I'm not talking your run of the mill maintenance type stuff-
I'd love to hear about your experiences! 

Disclaimer: Do not try this on yourself and anyone else. Please.

1. Sharpie- As an eyeliner... I think it was college around '97 when crazy thick, scary eyeliner was in. I ran out of my liquid and picked up the next best thing... a black sharpie. Bad idea....very bad. 

I know it was 1997 but what awful hair and makeup! 
 I'm on the far right...Gross!!!

2. Hairsprayed my face to keep my makeup in tact. Okay this I have a good excuse for... I was on a press tour with Blayne Walsh (Project Runway Season 5) in Hawaii. We had a long day of rehearsals for the fashion show and had to get ready to host an event that evening. He had a interview with the Morning Show on Hawaii News Now (I'll post the video once I get it) with a call time at 4:30am. I'm in no way a model or wanted to be especially at 4 in the am. We couldn't get a model in time so as his manager I had to step in. We got back from the event at 3am and had an hour or so to catch some zzzz's... I had no time to get ready again so I hairsprayed my entire face and slept with my head off the bed, not to ruin my hair for an hour. Needless to say my skin was not happy but I thought it was a good idea at the moment... Did it work? It actually did... but I don't recommend it. Try some other makeup savers out there like Skindinivia

3. Went tanning and got my eyebrows waxed when I was taking ACCUTANE.  Please don't do this..EVER. I hate being pale.. it makes me look fat and gross. I faked and baked like crazy when I was taking Accutane; a very strong medication for Acne. Accutane increases sunlight sensitivity and can cause sever burns to your skin. Your skin is also very fragile and will not hold up to any type of waxing. I ended up looking like a Asian Lobster with a chunk of skin missing from my eyebrow. 

4. Tried to bleach my bangs platinum. I have naturally dark brown hair and it's is NOT meant to be bleached platinum. I wanted a white streak and wanted it NOW; why? I have no idea. I burned off an entire CHUNK of my bangs. It took me over 6 months for the hair to grow back. I was devastated...the growing out part was the worst. I had this nub of fried hair growing out the front of my head. I think I have a picture.....Here's a picture of my blonde shrub..yes that's an eyebrow ring. 
The year was 1998...OMG I'M WEARING SOCKS WITH SANDALS!? I SHOULD BE BURNED ALIVE! I worked at a tanning salon so you can only imagine how much I exposed myself to UV rays. The gentleman in the photo was "straight" but he eventually came out of the closet after frequenting several male strip clubs. 

5. I ran out of eyelash glue and considered using superglue... but I didn't... hehehehe.... ;)


jeannie yoon,  April 19, 2011 at 2:53 PM  

In jr high I used baby oil in my hair everyday to get the wet look?? Lol favorite hair dye was peroxide and the sun...and who needs a straightener when u have a real iron?? I've used white out to cover my messed up french nails. I've used a real pencil as a eyebrow liner...don't ask!

jeannie April 26, 2011 at 7:12 AM  

i've also used a real pencil as a substitute for eyeliner. it gave me grey eyebrows, which is actually not necessarily a bad thing in asia.

in jr. high, i read somewhere that you can spritz your hair with cranberry juice to "bring out the red in your hair," so i poured - not spritzed - cranberry juice all over my head. it did absolutely NOTHING to my black, asian hair.

another time, also during jr. high, i stupidly believed a girl who said that redken made clear hair dye. this hair dye wasn't supposed to give you a sheen or gloss to your hair; it's job to make your hair literally clear. she was so convincing that i ended up sharing this info with others.

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